Global HMWK // Classwork



5/23:  In-Class


5/20:  HMWK 

  • Please choose 1 of the following TED talks to watch for homework! 
  • After watching, on an index card, write:    
    • a-  Name   
    • b-  TED Talk you watched    
    • c-  One take-away from the TED talk 
  • TED Talks:   

5/20:  China & Africa: In-class readings

5/10:  JIGSAW

5/7:  Silver and Gold Lyrics

  • Do-Now:
  • Read U2 lyrics
  • Please choose 1 line that explains Apartheid and write why.

4/30:  Rwanda Today--

  1. BBC Country Profile
  2. Time Magazine (4/2019): Rwanda's Leader Commemorates 25 Years Since the Country's Genocide Began
  3. Washington Times (2017): Rwanda economy recovering two decades after genocide
  4. World Economic Forum:  5 things to know about Rwanda's economy
  5. World Economic Forum:  Gender in Rwanda
  6. Ground Truth Project:  Humanity lost // Humanity found


4/2:  Indigenous Peoples Chart

  1. Sign up for a country to profile HERE
  2. With group, fill out your row of this chart IN DETAIL
  3. Create a slide on the class PP to highlight your findings:

4/1: Structural violence examples (HMWK) 

  • Post one example (with explanation) of structure violence against Aboriginal Australians. Make sure to include your name!

3/25:  In-Class- Human Rights Infographic Research

3/7:  Russia Debate Template

  • Please use the Google Docs below to add a link to your debate template & write a 1-2 sentence thesis statement about the debate question: Does Russia today resemble the USSR?  Are we in // entering a new cold war?
  • You will see this on your test Friday. 

3/4: PutinJigsaw:

2/27:  Debate Chart

2/14:  USSR Leaders Classwork

  • Review instructions PowerPoint
  • Write 2 or 3 of your facts (per group) answering questions from slide 3 on above instructions PowerPoint on your class PowerPoint below.  Make sure to add pictures!!!:

2/12:  HMWK- Sign up for EdPuzzle!  Click on your class link below --OR--


1/16:  In-class 'China & the environment'


1/10:  OPTIONAL HMWK Companion Resources

1/9 Classwork

1/9 HMWK

  • Please read (or listen to) the following articles
    • China Removes Presidential Term Limits, Enabling Xi Jinping To Rule Indefinitely- NPR
    • Why Abolishing China's Presidential Term Limits Is Such A Big Deal- NPR
  • Explore the website Connected PRC (China), published by Reuters and the Colombia Journalism Review.    There are 5 sections, listed on the left bar:
    • China 101
    • Social power
    • Institutional power
    • Career comparison
    • Featured stories
  • Answer these following questions in your NTBK:    
    • a)  Do you agree abolishing term limits is a big deal? (articles)
    • b)  Who is China's "second in power" and what is his title? (connected China)      
    • c)  Define "the seven" (connected China)    
    • d)  Write down one essential question you have from this website (connected China)    

1/4:  OPTIONAL Wild Swans reading

12/19:  OPTIONAL Myanmar Resources

12/14:  In-Class

12/13:  Education HMWK

12/11:  HMWK

  • Go to newspaper map and choose an Indian publication
  • Choose an article to add to our class' India map:
  • Input your article on our map:
    • Put point where story occurred
      • Make sure it is under the News layer
      • Use newspaper icon (see sample)
    • Write your name
    • Write a few sentences describing article
    • Add link
    • Add picture


12/5:  Hinduism HMWK

  • Skim Hinduism guide ( Pluralism Project, Harvard University Religious Literacy Project, Harvard Divinity School March 26, 2015) 
  • And answer questions here

12/4:  India Culture Map

  • Sign up for a group HERE
  • Maps:
  • Instructions:
    • Each group should add 10 entries on map about your topic
    • Each entry must be in a different Indian state, highlighting India's diversity
    • Each entry must include:
      • Picture
      • A couple sentence summary
      • Link
      • Source citation: (author // publication // date)
  • How to add an entry:
    • Search a location on search bar
    • Click 'add to map'
    • Choose 'style' > 'more icons' > 'see older icon'
    • Choose one icon for your group and use for the duration!
    • Click the pencil icon to edit writing (make sure to save!)  You can add links directly to the text box.  To hit enter (for a new paragraph or line) click Shift+Return
    • Click photo to add a photo
  • INFORMAL presentations Wed, 12/5


12/3:  Homework (PARTITION)

11/16:  Climate Change HMWK

  1. Review at least 3 of the following sources.
  2. Develop 1 essential question about the source content, and post to the padlet wall, links below (include your name in your post).
  3. Respond to one of your classmate's questions on padlet. 
  4. Padlet 
    1. B Period
    2. C Period
    3. E Period
    4. G Period 


1/11 HMWK

  • Watch this short video explaining Connected China and explore the website Connected PRC (China), published by Reuters and the Colombia Journalism Review.    There are 5 sections, listed on the left bar:
  • China 101
  • Social power
  • Institutional power
  • Career comparison
  • Featured stories
  • Answer these following questions in your NTBK:    
  • a)  Who is China's current President?    
  • b)  Who is China's "second in power" and what is his title?   
  • c)  Define "the seven"    
  • d)  Write down one interesting fact you have learned from this "app"    
  • e)  Write down one essential question you have from this app.


11/14:  In-class work with sub:

11/1:  Classwork after Natural Resources

  • Go to The Poetry of Afghanistan's Women
  • Browse the slide show, looking closely at 5-6 photographs.
    • Write down word associations that go with the photos
    • Next, read the introduction article on the same page
  • Read several Landai poems from
  • Choose your favorite poem
  • Create a CANVA art with your poem
    • We will print IN COLOR and display on the bulletin board in the hallway
  • OPTIONAL:  Afghan Girl

10/18:  HMWK

  • Read Has the Arab Spring Failed?
  • Post a couple sentence answer to the above question on your class Padlet
  • Respond to one of your classmate's post


10/18:  Classwork

10/17:  HMWK


Please bring your phone with an updated version of the YouTube app and headphones tomorrow!

10/16:  Homework

  • Go to Charles Sennott's PBS news page (of & and choose one article. 
  • Actively read, and write 2 essential questions about the Egyptian Arab Spring (REMEMBER to look at the date published to put in context!)
  • Optional
    • Egypt in Crisis- We will watch in class
      • PBSFRONTLINE and GlobalPost’s Charles M. Sennott go inside the Egyptian revolution, tracing how what began as a youth movement to topple a dictator evolved into an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to seemingly find the political foothold it had sought for decades — and then why it all fell apart. Were the Brothers ever really in charge? Or was the Egyptian “deep state” in control all along?
    • The Square-
      • Directed by Jehane NoujaimThe Egyptian Revolution has been an ongoing rollercoaster over the past two and a half years. Through the news, we only get a glimpse of the bloodiest battle, an election, or a million man march. At the beginning of July 2013, we witnessed the second president deposed within the space of three years.The Square is an immersive experience, transporting the viewer deeply into the intense emotional drama and personal stories behind the news. It is the inspirational story of young people claiming their rights, struggling through multiple forces, in the fight to create a society of conscience.

10/15:  HMWK- Create a class PP

10/12:  OPTIONAL Readings

10/12:  DO-NOW

  • Get in a group of 3
  • Each choose one source about Hamas to visit:
  • Spend a few minutes looking at your source
  • Define & describe Hamas according to your site in NTBK
  • Share your definition and note nuances

10/9:  IN-CLASS

10/5:  HMWK

9/25:  HMWK

9/20:  IN-CLASS

9/19:  Sharia

9/7:  Abrahamic Religions