Honors GLOBAL Notes


Daily Lesson Plan (Honors):


Test 5:  Russia



Test 1


  • 9/3: Guns, Germs & Steel
    • Objectives:  Students will analyze why//how Europeans were able to colonize over 80% of the world's landmass (according to Jared Diamond's hypothesis) 
  • 9/9:  Abrahamic Religions Jigsaw
    • Objectives:  Students will compare and contrast the main beliefs and ideas behind the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 
  • 9/10:  Islam 
  • 9/17:  Sunni & Shi'a
    •  Objectives: Students will discover the fundamental differences between the Sunni and Shi'a sects of Islam through reviewing the history of the Caliphs and subsequent religious leaders. 
  • 9/18:  Saudi Arabia & Turkey
    • Objectives:  Students will profile different degrees of Islamic law and cultural practices present in governments through examination of the political systems of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Students will also define Sharia Law, understanding its origins and interpretations. 
    • Vocab list

Test 2


  • Israel & Palestine FIB notes
  • 10/2: Creating the Modern Middle East
    • Objectives:  Students will review the Sykes-Picot agreement, Treaty of Versailles and subsequent documents to understand how the British and French Mandate System impacted current Middle Eastern country relationships and the formation of Israel.
    • Crash Course Israel // Palestine
  • 10/5:  Israel and Palestine Notes
    • Objective:  Students will note the historic timeline of major events in the Israeli//Palestinian conflict over land, dating from Israeli independence in 1948-present.
    • Arab Israeli Wars note sheet
  • 10/9: Israel and Palestine Peace
    • Objectives:  Students will review the problems that need to be solved to achieve peace, according to the Oslo Accords, and the two-state // one-state solution.
    • Time Magazine:  Abbas
    • Time Magazine:  Netanyahu
    • Time Magazine:  The Wall 
  • 10/11: Arab Spring
    • Objectives:  Students will define the Arab Spring, discover when it began, who started it, and note the major overall motivations. 
  • 10/15:   Arab Spring NOTES & Group PowerPoints-- C // E // F // G
    • Objectives:  Students will create research based PowerPoints about three countries involved in the Arab Spring, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, noting the similarities and differences between the movements.
  • 10/24:  UN Notes
    • Objectives:  Students will look at the structure and mission of the United Nations.
  • 10/25: Iran & (Nuclear Program)
    • Objectives:  Students look at Iran's recent history and define IAEA and NPT through looking at Iran's Nuclear program, and its relationship with the US.