Global Competency Certificate


Welcome GCC Candidates!

Google classroom class code: 7nnytil

Program Goal:

According to the National Education Association (NEA), “global competence refers to the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues, an appreciation of and ability to learn and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language, and skills to function productively in an interdependent world community”.  This includes:

  • International awareness  
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity  
  • Proficiency in foreign languages  
  • Competitive skills

The Bromfield School’s Global Competency Certificate aims to encourage students to foster these skills in an immersive and collaborative experience.

The Global Competency Certificate Program accepts applications from Freshman and Sophomores during the spring course selection period.


  • GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Adhere to school rules
  • Academic portfolio (see program requirements below for more detailed information)
    • 4 years of world language*
    • 10th grade Global Studies
    • At least 2 globally focused courses // 1 junior year and 1 senior year
  • 40 hours of service with a global focus (can be senior project)
  • Travel experience
    • Form required
  • Meet with advisor 2-3 times a year
  • Attend 6 multicultural events
    • Form required

Multicultural Events:

  • Applicant must attend a total of six multicultural events outside of classes before graduation. 
  • Events will be curated by the Global Competency Certificate Coordinator, but can also be proposed by students and advisors.
  • Multicultural event ideas spreadsheet here


  • In addition to traditional reflections, please feel free to use the GCC exhibition bulletin board!
    • Sign up HERE for an exhibition time!

GCC cheat sheet

View the full cheat sheet HERE


Samskritam:  By Meenu Ramakrishnan

Virtual Exhibition Videos:

Hyderabad & Doha by Julian Iverson

China Travel Vlog: By Meredith Greayer


Travel Experience Reflection