9/12:  Classwork

  • PBS Reading (9/2011):  9/11 to now
    •  Read your section with your group.
    • Research extension (source suggestion and own research)
    • Discuss.  Questions?  Comments?
    • Put in PP & Report findings to class

9/11:  Resources

9/6:  HMWK


Election Project

Discussion Leader--

The Week

Most Tuesdays we will have a quiz on The Week Magazine.  Please read the following sections and write the main idea of the article next to the section so you can easily study!

  • Editor's Letter
  • Main stories and how they were covered
  • Controversy of the week
  • US at a glance
  • World at a glance
  • Briefing
  • Best columns (US // Europe // International)
  • Talking points
  • Cartoons


Semester 1:

Semester 2: